How to Get a Job in NZ for PH Nurses


Photo from NZnursesstation

It has been a year since I did my job hunting, so as a disclaimer, this post may be true a year ago but may no longer be relevant now because a lot of changes have happened since then (stricter immigration rules etc). Still, some may still be useful to you, so best of luck.


  1. Fix your CV and Cover Letter.

We have our own way of writing CVs in the Philippines. The longer, the more wordy, the better it may seem. Here in nz, make it concise, comprehensive and clear. Don’t beat around the bush. Try to fit it in 1-2 pages if possible, without compromising your extensive experience.

2. Where to look for a job?

  • Walk-ins – They do help. I got 2 job offers from 2 of my walk-ins, and one I accepted. It may seem intimidating, embarrassing, and of course, tiring, but it increases your chance of landing a job! It’s nice to have a friend/friends to go with you when job hunting.

Tip: As per my friend’s advice, I invested in an unlimited monthly bus pass in Auckland while doing my job hunting walk-ins. It will save you some money and won’t hold you back from doing more walk-ins in places that are quite far from where you live.

  • Online – If you’re lucky, you don’t need to do walk-ins and just apply straight online. DHB hospitals don’t accept walk-ins anyways. 

Tip: Best to apply when you already have your Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) as sometimes, I guess, a computer filters your response when you apply in jobsearch sites like or

3. Don’t be choosy. But choose wisely.

Competition for RN jobs are getting tougher. You’re not just competing for a job with fellow PH nurses but nurses from India, China, Korea, UK and of course, NZ nurses as well.

Tip: No job is too far for a first job whether you have to move to the North Island or South island to get it.

Don’t limit yourself to an RN specialty you are accustomed with. If they are willing to train you, and you are comfortable with it, accept it.

4. Referrals Matter

Your RN adviser where you did your CAP, your Manager if you’re under a student visa and currently working as a HCA (Healthcare Assistant) can give you a good referral as well  and can help you land your first future job as an RN.

In the Philippines sadly, the referrals that matter are those by WHO you know, not WHAT you know especially in Government hospitals. But nevertheless, you’re in NZ now and it’s a different field.

**** Again best of luck, and feel free to leave comments, other suggestions, helpful advice and I will add it when I update this post.



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