Best Souvenir Shop in Auckland

Bringing home a  “pasalubong” or a small token/gift is a culture thing for Filipinos. Fresh from a visit from my family in the Philippines, we scrounged to get the best deals on these souvenir items.

The pasalubong culture is a bit tricky for the following reasons:

  1. Budget
  2. Airline Weight restrictions
  3. A long list of relatives and friends

Here are some of the best souvenir shops in Auckland that offer good deals and those that are a bit expensive based on our experience only.


  1. Sky Tower Souvenir Shop

Sky Tower Gift Shop

Surprisingly, I found the Sky Tower Souvenir Shop prices to be fair and most items even cheaper than many other souvenir shops in Auckland and Rotorua by at least a dollar or more. (Disclaimer: These are only based on some items I’ve checked, I cannot guarantee all.)

This may not be much but considering the convenience of buying at Rotorua and carrying it all the way to Auckland only to discover that it was cheaper there in the first place.

Get a coupon from an Auckland A to Z brochure that can be found at the iSite (which is conveniently located next to the gift shop). You get an additional 15% off if your purchase is above $10.

Auckland Guide


2. Aotea Gifts

This store is located near britomart, facing the harbor. Address is at 29 Customs Street (Lower Albert St).

One things that was most notable was that customer service was excellent. The lady in the shop engaged us in conversation, showed us the good deals in the shop, without being pushy. Plus, they have a good array of choices and the price is also good.

They have the cheapest NZ key chain bundles that I’ve seen. About 11 dollars fora dozen! Usually it’s $13-15 for only 10 pcs in other shops including at Sky Tower gift shop.

3. Look for on SALE items

I forgot the name of the store in Queen St. but I got a good deal on a high quality NZ keychain that I paid $6.36 for and which costs more at the Skytower gift shop. However, if there was no sale, the Skytower shop would have been cheaper.

The souvenir shop next to Best Western in Victoria street also had a good deal on their Tshirts. 1 Tshirt for $10 and if you buy 6 shirts you get 1 free.



  • Any Souvenir shop in QUEEN STREET that is NOT on sale.
  • Souvenir shops on Tourist Attractions like for example in Wai O Tapu. The Creme only costs $13 in Skytower gift shop.

Wai O Tapu gift shop price

*** That’s it for now. Will  update if I discover more deals in the city for the Best Souvenir Shop in Auckland.


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