Coupons, discounts in New Zealand

I try to make it a rule, never to pay full price for a ticket. There has to be a discount somewhere. 

So where to find Coupons or discount vouchers for your NZ tickets?

  1. Free travel magazines and guide.

Free Auckland Guide

Where to get these travel guides?

  • Airport
  • Hotels/Hostels
  • AA Office





What’s inside these guides?


  • Coupons
  • Freebies
  • Discounts







2. Find discounts on Online discount sites like:




3. Find discounts for entrance tickets from your hotel/hostel/motel.

When we went to Rotorua, our hotel gave us a discounted price for a Maori Dinner + Cultural show. I wasn’t even able to find this discount from my magazine vouchers.

What discount vouchers have I used personally? Which is the best to use?

Free NZ travel Magazine

I found this guide to have a lot of really good useful discounts that I was able to use that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else.

Like what?

  • Glowworm Caves discount 20% off!
  • Agrodome discount 15% off!
  • Wai O Tapu discount 10% off!
  • Te Puia discount 10% off!

Use code ‘ARRIVAL’ if you are purchasing tickets to agrodome. That code is better than the one I used when I got mine, which was AATRAVEL (only 10%). Some would allow you to use codes to purchase online with discount, try codes ‘ARRIVAL’ or ‘AATRAVEL’. Others, you have to surrender the actual voucher.

We also used the 15% Skytower Gift Shop discount. This is pretty neat, because as I have written in my previous post, the Skytower Gift shop is a good place to shop for souvenirs.  And with this coupon, you get an additional 15 percent off!


That’s it for now. Enjoy getting your discounts.


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