Auckland Manila Round Trip only 645NZD

Ultimate Seat  Sale Fare – Philippine Airlines

Auckland – Manila Round Trip – 645 NZD
Auckland – London Round Trip – 1364 NZD
Auckland Bangkok – 996 NZD
Auckland – Beijing – 1061NZD
Auckland – Hongkong – 929NZD

Too Tempting!!!

You can even buy it one way for promo price as long as the Origin is in Auckland. Unfortunately, I can’t find the deals if my place of Origin is in Manila.

And because of these tempting offers, I still bought a ticket despite less than perfect experience with Philippine Airlines. For example,

  1. My family’s plane ticket to Auckland got cancelled and they moved the travel time to the next day. I had to call them long distance to get it changed to an earlier date.
  2. I got double charged when I booked my current ticket!!! They said they only approved one but 2 transactions are being shown in my online account. I will wait for a few days for it to self-resolve and then call them again.

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