Philippine Airline Complaints

Fresh from my recent  negative experience with Philippine Airlines , this brings me back to another experience last September-October wherein they casually informed me that my family’s ticket has been re-booked a DAY AFTER their original schedule.

No apologies or whatsoever that they’ve just disrupted your itinerary.

I try to look at the bright side, as most Filipinos do, and think that everything happens for a reason.

So I called them again and have to spend Long Distance Phone calls to their hotline to request for the dates to be changed earlier.

And… maybe it’s the time difference but every time I call at 9am NZ time, 3-4am PH time, I get stuck with incompetent call center representatives who couldn’t give me a clear, direct solution to my problems.

(Summary recap of our phone call)

I asked her why the flight was cancelled. She told me it was because of the NZ fuel shortage (happening at that time), though my family’s upcoming flights were due in the next month. The fuel shortage was resolved way before then.

I called out an earlier date for her but same PAL flight (i checked online) and she told me that flight was not available, and that ALL MNL-AKL flights were cancelled because of the fuel shortage.


She then gave me flight options that include stopovers in Sydney, flying with Qantas partly. (Thanks for effort for looking it up though).

The next day I called again, making sure I called it would be daytime in the Philippines. I presented the same problem, asked to be moved to an earlier date and voila, no fuss change to an earlier date.

Reflection: hmm could I have been getting the same helpful but incompetent call center representative at the wee hours of the night???

Reflection No2: Philippine Airlines should have been the BETTER airlines. My family always seems to have the BEST outlook with PAL, thinking that it’s SAFER, LESS DELAYS, and again, well BETTER than the budget airlines.

I have carried and shared the same positive thoughts with PAL but now it’s starting to Change. For my domestic flights, I will try and grab a different airline and see the difference and will post my experience again.


Feel free to share your own flight experiences.


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