Philippine Airlines Double Booking Charge


If at one point you feel unsure if you have double booked a ticket, check your balance immediately!

I only received ONE confirmed itinerary but I got charged TWICE!

And apparently, you need to report it withing a certain window of ____ hours (like maybe 2-3 days). In the Philippines, sometimes we don’t know what we’ve been charged unless our bills arrive as we don’t normally check online.

I already called both PAL and my bank. (Plus, it’s hard cause I’m calling long distance).

The first time they said it was approved only ONCE. I called my bank and they said “it was weird” but she gave me two approval codes and said I can wait 5 days and call again if it hasn’t been reversed.

I thought it was one of those floating transaction things and a net error that would just self-resolve.

I couldn’t wait 5 banking days and called again on the 3rd banking day. I really was charged TWICE for another itinerary code that I NEVER received in the first place.

After another long phone call to PAL they of course would refund my ticket but it is after THIRTY, and I repeat THIRTY Banking days. That’s like more than  a month. And I don’t have the money to pay for the excess.

REFLECTION: As much as we all would love to patronize our own products, our OWN AIRLINE, its experience such as these that makes me question, would booking in another airline have given me the same service? (30  days?!?)

i.e. the website technology, the call center representatives, the banking system…. even the follow up email I replied with commending one of their agents and asking for their help to speed up the process if they could in the bank all got me a generic reply to wait for 30 BANKING DAYS.




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