The best travel insurance in NZ – what to get?

I tried my best doing my research on what travel insurance to get for my trip to the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Here’s some of the things I found out:

  1. Some travel insurance doesn’t pay out when a family member gets sick and needs to be hospitalized outside NZ or AUS. This is from 1Cover travel insurance policy as told by one buyer in A Cautionary Travel Insurance Tale.  I confirmed this with them thru email and it’s true.

*** Not good for migrants when majority of our family is based outside NZ or AUS

2. Airline issue – For cancelled flights, or delays they expect the airline to reimburse you, not them.

Southern Cross for example: SCTI Losses We do not Cover under Section 2

(g) Delays and rescheduling caused by transport providers, or for
which a transport provider is responsible, where the costs are
recoverable from the transport provider or any other source

3. Terrorism – surprisingly, most travel insurance do not have safeguards against terrorism. One that I found that has this cover TINZ Comprehensive insurance has strict policies with it. Like for example, in their PDS they said,

TINZ WILL NOT PAY if your booked accommodation is located at a greater distance than 2km from where the act of terrorism takes place.


Using sites like if in NZ or if you’re in the US can help you compare prices.


I’m choosing between Southern Cross vs TINZ. As they both have the most understandable, clear outline on what they do and what they don’t pay out.

For example,

Southern Cross states that they will NOT PAY for war, invasion or civil war whether declared or not (General exclusions # 31).

TINZ, you have to choose Comprehensive Plus package vs Comprehensive if you want to be covered for terrorism.

I’m probably going with TINZ.

From what I can see, all travel insurance appear great at first glance. But it’s when someone is making a claim is where a good travel insurance company will stand out. Though I hope I won’t have to make a claim ever, it’s best to prepare for ‘just in case’ scenarios.


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